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Pfft more like every addon I have needed updating :sick:
Are you fucking about with the website Ash!?
DBM and SKADA updates (and MASTERPLAN)
Np :sick:
Fixed! and I didn't even have to go downstairs! Ty Ash
Found the reset thing


With 1 week down we're currently at 13/13N and 11/13HC! Certain bosses proving to be harder than expected and a few expected to be an utter joke (Looking at you Hellfire Assault). With our beloved raid leader out on farm it's looking like we'll be doing a HC farming of our own. Watch out Archi, we're coming for you!

Normal Video of Archi to follow soon (for what it's worth :P)

[GM] Ash a I did lots of Bladestorm last night, it was orgasmic!
Eviloverlord Vid needs more Bladestorm!
Sleeping Banana Ash stop slacking where's the vid?

[insert witty pun here]

Sleeping Banana That boss was a Blast!
[GM] Ash a Video soon!
Eviloverlord It makes for a better story ...

At. Fucking. Last

[GM] Ash a posted Apr 15, 15

Wallis Good vid neb (y)
Sleeping Banana Because you can't do proper screenshots.
[GM] Ash a Neb why are you hovering in this kill shot?

7/10, down goes Thogar!

[GM] Ash a posted Mar 29, 15

I like trains!

Eviloverlord Can't believe we missed this pun... CHOO CHOO MOTHERF*CKER!
Selffaw I survived though, and no one noticed. *cough*
Selffaw No, 7 in 1 go. I blanked out and lovely Dean saved me with grip. Us healing buddies stick together!

Another Mountain falls!

[GM] Ash a posted Mar 23, 15

We're literally killing bosses faster than I can process videos, goddammit! <3

Also as promised, our Mar'gok kill video! Apologies for the low FPS at certain points, I was rendering other videos at the same time :D

Summer I am filled with light and happiness <3
Dandamanyoyo 11 pulls! Really good job ...
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