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Told ya we couldn't trust him Nate!!! lol
new Belf model preview tomorrow <3
Fucking lol at how fast my editing abilties were removed, shame nothing else is sorted that quick..
Tonight? I'm up for it but been reading about lots of ppl getting kicked out of the instance then having to start over :/

It has finally happened! Quelm has had a group meet up in person to enjoy the sights (or lack of) Southampton over the weekend ranging from getting ill because of a dodgy food place the raid leader picked to dragging Dev up the stairs because he couldn't walk! 

I am almost certain everyone thinks the meet up far exceeded expectations and the weekend is going to be remembered for a very long time! Look forward to the next one, hopefully we will have more people attending!

Storm who added the 2nd named image. I should be on there as I took the picture!
Ash I was going to edit your face onto it but it's too ear ...
Selffaw a I thought you looked sexy! Ash just looks like he is high, (even know I was off my face as well) xD
Tier is finally over and quite the experience we've had. We've had people coming, we've had people leaving, we've had the late starts and we've had no starts whatsoever, but between the close calls and the 10 second wipes, between the heartaches and nerdrages we finally killed this asshole... and only to see him escape and cause Warlords of Draenor so what a good use of our time! Yeay!

But cheers to all the guys at Quelm for sticking it out to the end and to all those who have been with us during this tier - especially those who stuck with us during the 2 months of nothing at all between our Siegecrafter kill and our first 2 nights on Paragons when we killed that. /hat tip. Recruitment open for everything atm. Come take a swing!
Ash devnoob
Cheo gratz peeps
Storm Or do it right. Look at my seige crafter picture. 1 CLICK BITCH

Time to get back in action!

Saiar a posted Jan 7, 14

After a long ass Christmas break its time to get back to business. I'm sure everyone enjoyed some time off to spend with friends and family and I'm also quite sure some of you are happy all the ‘mandatory’ family time is over again. I hope you all had a blast.

Now it is time to go buy Redbull, remove your football TV from the area of your pc, check your mic and Vent are working, update your addons, get out those bottles to pee in, break up with girlfriends, abandon children and re-focus!

Lets clear this expansion and get Garrosh to bow for us!

Happy holidays!

Saiar a posted Dec 21, 13
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. I hope you all have a great time with your loved ones and ofcourse ingame. Im proud of our achievements this year and I hope we can continue to strive for the best next year. We have an exciting year coming up, with the changes anounced by Blizzard. Lets rock that shit and kick some serious ass while being the best Quelm we can be. Thank you all for participating this year and Im looking forward to next year more than ever!

Ash Ffs its a Blood Elf guys, the enemy!
Abigail Have a good Christmas Folks ...
Esinar a kinky pic. if she comes in my bedroom on christmas day... well... ding dong

Blackfuse Disarmed

Storm posted Dec 10, 13
Quite a bit different from normal mode to say the least... lotta shit going on and quite a learning curve, but we killed the motherfucker. Next up, the glorified Klaxxi Paragons!

Suffinie Yay well done!
Odil Many congrats ...
Exeqt Congratz all!
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