Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 365
World Rank 698
That bitch has given my almost my full vyrs set, absolutely love her atm
Moff <3
Can't be as bad as benns snaps
irl laughing Aaron x
I play LoL now: Johouse
lenny fuck your snapchat it wont go away
that suits episode was so sick that endig hype
They done the same thing in season 4 aswel Aaron.


With Kilrogg dead, we've got our sights set on wiping to Gorefiend and his tiny little legs for a few months!

Arms Warrior PoV

Prot Warrior PoV

[GM] Ash a Realistic~!!
Summer Wiping for months, pfft. Now who's being negative ...

Oh Dia oh Dia 4/13M

[GM] Ash a posted Aug 6, 15

Bit of a late post but RL > WoW, Council down with 1 alt and 2 off spec healers but np!

Shitty Resto Druid PoV:

Akurin I like how Summer is facing backwards.
Summer "When it goes to shit you can tranq" 10/10 Jinah <3

Rocking out with our cocks out

2/13M thar she blows

[GM] Ash a posted Jul 21, 15

After blitzing through what felt like a barrage of bombs we finally fel the Reaver! I hope we never have to do him her it again...

Nebula These posts are getting worse each time.
Summer Fixed the gender confusion for you, you're welcome

Arms Warrior PoV:

Prot Warrior PoV:

Nebula WTB a ranged Shadow Paladin spec that is entirely instant casts and beats every other class on every fight. + has raid c ...
Zaphi Gz guys ...
[GM] Ash a It's a lot worse than normal on this fight 'cos the majority of my time is spent manually dotting each target and then p ...
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