Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 599
World Rank 1101
You guys make me cry :(
Stop suppressing him Rob, he might trample you
Was that too harsh? I think that might have been too harsh. But in the words of Ko'ragh... "GET OUT!"
Please. My awful accent eclipses all awful accents. I don't miss it or you


Ko'ragh trampled!

[GM] Ash a posted 3 hours ago

After less pulls that we anticipated we finally suppressed the toerag! Ending this tier on 6/7M, good job to all who took part!



Cleavin' is believin'

[GM] Ash a posted Tue at 11:49

I'd make a pun about this boss, but I'd probably Butcher it. After far too many pulls Quelm finally cuts down the Butcher pushing us to 5/7Mythic - With half a raid night progess on Ko'ragh our best attempt at 20% progress is picking up! Good job everyone, even us drowning gnomes!


[GM] Ash a Storm Productions™
Dev nope. Copyright template. Dev only ...
[GM] Ash a I forgot to make it a link with one click bUT if you right click and click copy image url then post into a new tab you c ...


[GM] Ash a posted Jan 19, 15
Brakenspore is no more, a 9 minute fight such a bore! A shame though, he was such a fungi...
On our first night of Butcher progress we've gotten him to 3%... Watch this space!

Arms Warrior PoV:

Combat Rogue PoV:

Mirxia Lol the picture is amazing
[GM] Ash a LOL
Selffaw I was forced to put the picture up! Don't hate!

Even the Mountain Falls

Selffaw posted Jan 15, 15
With Brackenspore on hold due to an unfortunate number of AFK healers, we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place and decided to have a crack at Tectus instead. After a rocky start, some tactic tweaks soon paved the way for a clean and solid kill.

If your rock puns are better than mine, lay them here.

Next up: Brackenspore (for real this time)

Mirxia You guys rock, lesson learnt don't take healers for granite haha okay i'm done so so bad. But awesome job ...
[GM] Ash a The sun in the corner of the page is just fucking 10/10
Eviloverlord Epic paint skills, almost as good as Bob's (a)

Twin Og-gone

Selffaw posted Dec 26, 14
After some hard fought battles and devastatingly close wipes to the unforgiving berserk timer, Pol and Phemos have finally been laid to rest.

It took longer than expected, but now we really are heading into our Christmas break, and after we return, Brackenspore is the next target. So enjoy your Christmas, we'll see you in 2015!

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