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i ussually just give the misses the creditcard and then stay at home gaming myself :sick:
im just shopping bag bitch
not in my home :(
natural order of things dash


Another Mountain falls!

[GM] Ash a posted Mon at 21:34

We're literally killing bosses faster than I can process videos, goddammit! <3

Also as promised, our Mar'gok kill video! Apologies for the low FPS at certain points, I was rendering other videos at the same time :D

Summer I am filled with light and happiness <3
Dandamanyoyo 11 pulls! Really good job ...

Highmaul 7/7!

[GM] Ash a posted Mon at 8:34

My utmost respect to the guilds that did this fight pre BrF, oh boy was that last phase hectic... A list minute bubble by Neb saves the day! 

Screenshots of the kill to follow tonight! As well as Flamebender, Gruul and Imperator Videos later this week!

Nebula TBH if I didn't bubble then I might have died. Daish would have had his moment. ...
Summer So mean.
Daish Had used everything but bubble, I'll use it earlier next time so the boss runs over and eats some mages face ...

What a week!

[GM] Ash a posted Mar 15, 15

Flamebender and Gruul down in one night, amazing progress!

Just... Pretend the killshot for Flamebender is here too!

Summer Mm was a really good strat Daish, tyvm <3
Daish Can't do awesome pally bubble abuse strats for any more bosses :(
Summer The last of the easy kills I guess ...

Hans & Franz down!

[GM] Ash a posted Mar 9, 15

[pun about stamping them out or something I dunno] 3/10 this reset, aww yeah!

Dev good times.
Summer Two nights of progress, two dead bosses <3

After great success on the first 2 bosses of Blackrock Foundry Quelm are now 2/10 Mythic, onwards to Hans and Franz!

Kill videos to follow shortly!

Beastlord Sexy Rogue PoV:

Wallis I like the video (y)
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