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Region Rank 328
World Rank 623
Found my pure but can't find my original char neb :(
I said there's not been one in physics in the last 50 years, who cares about the other ones :sick:
wasn't that a woman with a nobel prize? i thought summer said no woman won one? :sick:
Anyone playing cs go? :sick:
Ok thanks mum
poor dear, go to bed early tonight and drink some tea with honey
Manflu Neb?


Tyrant toppled! 10/13m

[GM] ASH#1 ao posted Wed at 20:43

Possibly one of the best kills ever, featuring pro tanking from Neb.

Oh and...

Nebula The Unrepaired o #420blazeitswagmlgtanking
[GM] ASH#1 ao Valid point :(
Daish 420k melee hits on tanks by that point, getting crit would just make your overkill larger ...

9/13 Fel Lord down

[GM] ASH#1 ao posted Sep 13, 15

Something something...

Oh btw 8/13M ye boi

[GM] ASH#1 ao posted Sep 9, 15

After finally cracking the wall that is Gorefiend another 2 bosses fell in a very short time period. With a 1% wipe on Fel Lord you can be sure to see an update this reset!

Bit of a joke really...

Gorefiend down! 6/13M

[GM] ASH#1 ao posted Sep 1, 15

This boss was HARD, no witty comments this time around. Good job to all for the phenomenal effort put in to finally kill the fucker!

Zeruge o I can't see me in this picture
[GM] ASH#1 ao If I had Photoshop I could, but no! You leave my army alone ...
Summer Is better, can we photoshop the zombies away though ...
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