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Need to do this [link]
LOL rekt
[link] for all you slackers 11!
whatever makes you happy neb
what the Fuck lenny xD P.S. Rob ur the biggest nerd! but its a good thing in this case ! :sick:
I know :(
Such a nerd.


Rocking out with our cocks out

2/13M thar she blows

[GM] Ash a posted Jul 21, 15

After blitzing through what felt like a barrage of bombs we finally fel the Reaver! I hope we never have to do him her it again...

Nebula o These posts are getting worse each time.
Summer Fixed the gender confusion for you, you're welcome

Arms Warrior PoV:

Prot Warrior PoV:

Nebula o WTB a ranged Shadow Paladin spec that is entirely instant casts and beats every other class on every fight. + has raid c ...
Zaphi Gz guys ...
[GM] Ash a It's a lot worse than normal on this fight 'cos the majority of my time is spent manually dotting each target and then p ...

With 1 week down we're currently at 13/13N and 11/13HC! Certain bosses proving to be harder than expected and a few expected to be an utter joke (Looking at you Hellfire Assault). With our beloved raid leader out on farm it's looking like we'll be doing a HC farming of our own. Watch out Archi, we're coming for you!

Normal Video of Archi to follow soon (for what it's worth :P)

[GM] Ash a I did lots of Bladestorm last night, it was orgasmic!
Eviloverlord Vid needs more Bladestorm!
Nebula o Ash stop slacking where's the vid?

[insert witty pun here]

Nebula o That boss was a Blast!
[GM] Ash a Video soon!
Eviloverlord It makes for a better story ...
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